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Analyzing the Preferences and Personal Needs of Teenage Readers to Make Book Recommendations
Reading is one of the main sources of learning, especially for young readers such as teens. Promoting good reading habits among teens is essential, given the enormous influence of reading on


Search Engines for Children
The proposed user interfaces of the search engine address the changing characteristics of the users by providing a means of adaptation and a novel type of search result visualisation for children with cartoon style characters is developed which takes the children’s preference for visual information into account.
Automating readers' advisory to make book recommendations for K-12 readers
The design of Rabbit is unique, since it adopts a multi-dimensional approach to capture the reading abilities, preferences, and interests of its readers, which goes beyond the traditional book content/topical analysis.
How Can We Help Our K-12 Teachers?: Using a Recommender to Make Personalized Book Suggestions
  • M. S. Pera, Yiu-Kai Ng
  • Education
    2014 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conferences on Web Intelligence (WI) and Intelligent Agent Technologies (IAT)
  • 2014
BReT adopts a multi-dimensional strategy to suggest books that simultaneously match the interests, preferences, and reading abilities of K-12 students based on the content, topics, literary elements, and grade levels specified by a teacher.
A Review on User Interface Design Principles to Increase Software Usability for Users with Less Computer Literacy
A comparison between previous researches in the field reveals some commonalities exist between the needs of these users, which can solve oftware usability problems and increase satisfaction of use rs with less computer literacy.