StoryKit: tools for children to build room-sized interactive experiences

  title={StoryKit: tools for children to build room-sized interactive experiences},
  author={Lisa Sherman and Allison Druin and Jaime Montemayor and Allison Farber and Michele Platner and Sante Simms and Jessica Porteous and Houman Alborzi and Jack Best and Joe Hammer and Alex Kruskal and Jade Matthews and Emily Rhodes and Cassandra Cosans and Abby Lal},
  booktitle={CHI Extended Abstracts},
Children enjoy interactive museum experiences, fun houses, and amusement parks, but children are not the authors of these immersive storytelling experiences. They are merely the audience or participants in an environment built by adults. We believe an important educational opportunity is being overlooked. Therefore, we have developed what we call a StoryKit that enables children to be authors, builders, and artists of their own StoryRooms, room-sized immersive experiences. Funware, hardware… CONTINUE READING

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