Storm-deposited coral blocks: A mechanism of island genesis, Tutaga island, Funafuti atoll, Tuvalu

  title={Storm-deposited coral blocks: A mechanism of island genesis, Tutaga island, Funafuti atoll, Tuvalu},
  author={Paul S. Kench and Roger F. Mclean and Susan Owen and Megan E. Tuck and Murray R. Ford},

Coral Systems

  • P. KenchS. Owen
  • Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
  • 2021

Fossil Reefs Reveal Temporally Distinct Late Holocene Lagoonal Reef Shutdown Episodes at Kiritimati Island, Central Pacific

An extremely rare example of well‐preserved emergent Holocene fossil reefs exists at Kiritimati Island, central Pacific. Fossil reefs are rich geological archives of paleoenvironmental change. The

Late Holocene lagoon succession and its response to environmental variations at Yongle atoll, Xisha Islands, South China Sea

Tropical coral reef lagoons that are characterized by high deposition rates are potentially useful for high‐resolution palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. We present the geochemical and accelerator

Active Sediment Generation on Coral Reef Flats Contributes to Recent Reef Island Expansion

The ongoing development of Jeh Island in the Marshall Islands was investigated using aerial photographs, high‐resolution satellite imagery, and radiometric dating of island sediments. Remote sensing

Increased typhoon activity in the Pacific deep tropics driven by Little Ice Age circulation changes

The instrumental record reveals that tropical cyclone activity is sensitive to oceanic and atmospheric variability on inter-annual and decadal scales. However, our understanding of the influence of



Physical effects of hurricane bere upon Funafuti atoll, Tuvalu

SUMMARY Detailed aerial photograph analysis of the effects of hurricane Bebe (21 October 1972) on Funafuti atoll using ‘before and after’ photos plus ground truthing give a detailed picture of wind

The role of hurricanes in the development of reef islands, Ontong Java atoll, Solomon Islands

This paper describes recent geomorphic change on reef islands of Ontong Java atoll, Solomon Islands and discusses the nature of the 'steady state' equilibrium that has been proposed for cays and

Rapid reef island formation and stability over an emerging reef flat: Bewick Cay, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A model that resolves reef island formation in relation to both reef platform substrate development and mid-Holocene sea-level change is presented for Bewick Island, northern Great Barrier Reef,

Coral islands defy sea-level rise over the past century: Records from a central Pacific atoll

The geological stability and existence of low-lying atoll nations is threatened by sea-level rise and climate change. Funafuti Atoll, in the tropical Pacific Ocean, has experienced some of the

New model of reef-island evolution: Maldives, Indian Ocean

A new model of reef-island evolution, based on detailed morphostratigraphic analysis and radiometric dating of three islands in South Maalhosmadulu Atoll, Maldives, is presented. Islands initially