Storm Surge Forecasting for the Arabian Sea

  title={Storm Surge Forecasting for the Arabian Sea},
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The results of the location specific IIT storm surge model reported in this study are in good agreement with the available actual peak surge observations. It was found that cyclones landfalling from the southwest direction generated larger surges than cyclones landfalling perpendicular or from the southeast. Moreover, a perpendicularly landfalling cyclone creates maximum surges at the eastern parts of the coastal region as compared to the other parts. It was verified that the storm surge is… 
A review of tropical cyclone‐generated storm surges: Global data sources, observations, and impacts
Tropical cyclone-generated storm surges are among the world's most deadly and destructive natural hazards. This paper provides the first comprehensive global review of tropical storm surge data
Tropical Cyclones and Storm Surges
A cyclone is a low pressure system of the atmosphere in which air pressure has dropped below the standard (normal) atmospheric pressure and winds rotate inward in a counter-clockwise direction in the
Nitrogen along the Hydrological Gradient of Marsh Sediments in a Subtropical Estuary: Pools, Processes, and Fluxes
This work used a space-for-time substitution method to quantify N pools, processes, and fluxes along a hydrological gradient and linked N pools and processes and investigated not only surface but also subsurface sediments, suggesting future sea level rise may decrease N storage due to increase in coupled nitrification–denitrification and decrease in N mineralization.
Vulnerability to Environmental Risks and Effects on Community Resilience in Mid-West Nepal and South-East Pakistan
Nepal and Pakistan face a triple challenge of political instability, weak governance and vulnerability to climate change. Communities are highly vulnerable to floods, landslides and droughts.
Short-term changes in simulated inundation frequency differentially affect inorganic nitrogen, nitrification, and denitrification in estuarine marshes
Abstract Given the possibility of short-term changes in hydrological patterns caused by climatic change, there is a need to assess the effects of inundation frequency on soil nitrogen cycling in


Storm surge in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea : The problem and its prediction
India and its neighbourhood is threatened by the possibility of storm surge floods whenever a tropical cyclone approaches. Storm surge disasters cause heavy loss of life and property, damage to the
Numerical modelling of storm surges in the Arabian Sea
Abstract Using the basic hydrodynamic equations governing motion in the sea, a coastal zone numerical model has been developed for the prediction of storm surges along the west coast of India.
NOAA Technical Memorandum, ERL, WMPO-3. Washington
  • 1973