Stories from under Occupation: Performing the Palestinian Experience

  title={Stories from under Occupation: Performing the Palestinian Experience},
  author={Hala Khamis Nassar},
  journal={Theatre Journal},
  pages={15 - 37}
  • Hala Khamis Nassar
  • Published 2006
  • Art
  • Theatre Journal
  • A plethora of research has been done on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; however, few have ventured to investigate and theorize its subjects or the articulation of Palestinian culture. Theatre and drama in the Arab world are under-researched, and when cultural production is studied, Palestinian theatre is nowhere mentioned. The history of Palestinian theatre dates back to 1850 when it was in tune with the neighboring cultural centers of the Arab world, i.e. Beirut and Cairo. Occupation since… CONTINUE READING

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