Stories From the Early Days of Quantum Mechanics

  title={Stories From the Early Days of Quantum Mechanics},
  author={Isidor I. Rabi and R. Fraser Code},
  journal={Physics Today},
A colloquium delivered to the University of Toronto physics department on 5 April 1979 by the master of molecular beams offers a fresh look at an earlier era. 

New physics with cold molecules : precise microwave spectroscopy of CH and the development of a microwave trap

Cold polar molecules provide unique opportunities to test fundamental physics and chemistry. Their permanent electric dipole moments and rich internal structure arising from their vibrational and

Identification of Successful Mentoring Communities using Network-based Analysis of Mentor-Mentee Relationships across Nobel Laureates

A network analysis of doctoral student-dissertation advisor relationships in The Academic Tree is used to identify successful mentoring communities in high-level science, as measured by number of Nobel laureates within the community.

Identification of successful mentoring communities using network-based analysis of mentor–mentee relationships across Nobel laureates

A network analysis of doctoral student-dissertation advisor relationships in The Academic Family Tree indicates the pattern of Nobel laureate mentoring relationships is non-random, supporting the notion that assortative processes occur in the selection of mentors and mentees.

Nishina in Europe

On the verge of Umdeutung in Minnesota: Van Vleck and the correspondence principle. Part one

In October 1924, The Physical Review, a relatively minor journal at the time, published a remarkable two-part paper by John H. Van Vleck, working in virtual isolation at the University of Minnesota.



The Symmetrical Top in the Undulatory Mechanics

BY applying the methods of Schrödinger (Ann. d. Phys., 79, 361, 489, 734, 1926), which have proved so fruitful in treating atomic problems, to the case of the symmetrical top, we have obtained a

The quantum theory of the electron

The new quantum mechanics, when applied to the problem of the structure of the atom with point-charge electrons, does not give results in agreement with experiment. The discrepancies consist of

Refraction of Beams of Molecules

IN the Stern-Gerlach experiment the deviation of a beam of molecules in a magnetic (or electric) field is comparable to the optical case of the refraction suffered by a beam of light in traversing a

Zur Frage nach der Existenz von Subelektronen

ZusammenfassungBei der Ehrenhaft-Millikanschen Methode der Ladungsbestimmung kleiner Teilchen gelangt direkt (durch Messung der Fallgeschwindigkeit v und der Steiggeschwindigkeit vs im elektrischen