Storage tests for the control of diseases and insect pests

  title={Storage tests for the control of diseases and insect pests},
  author={H. C. Choudhuri},
  journal={American Potato Journal},
Summary1.Dusting tests have been conducted with various insecticides, fungicides, sprout-inhibiting chemicals and wax emulsionviz., Gammexane-D.034, Geigy-33A, Fusarex, Barsprout, Kresvite, Ceremul-C for the control of loss in weight due to decay.2.Under unrefrigerated conditions with a temperature range of 80°–96° F. pre-treatment of tubers with Gammexane-D.034 and Geigy-33A in proportion 0.6 ounces to 82 pounds of tubers significantly controlled the storage loss caused by decay and loss in… Expand
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  • American Potato Journal
  • 2008