Storage Overhead of O-Trees, B-Trees and Prefix B-Trees: A Comparative Analysis

  title={Storage Overhead of O-Trees, B-Trees and Prefix B-Trees: A Comparative Analysis},
  author={Ratko Orlandic and Hosam M. Mahmoud},
  journal={Int. J. Found. Comput. Sci.},
The O-tree is an indexing mechanism closely related to B-trees and Prefix B-trees. In this paper we derive the expected storage overhead of O-Trees under the standard Bernoulli model of randomness, compare the results with the expected overhead of B-trees and Prefix B-trees under the same conditions, and assess the expected relative improvements. 

Implementing block-stored prefix trees in XML-DBMS

This paper describes the algorithms for insertion, deletion and search of variable-length strings in diskresident trie structures, and compares their implementation with existing B+ tree implementation and shows that it occupies several times less space with the same search efficiency.

Implementing KDB-trees to support high-dimensional data

  • R. OrlandicB. Yu
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 2001 International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium
  • 2001
Experimental results show that, in high-dimensional spaces, the proposed structure outperforms the original KDB-trees by a significant margin, while incurring no loss of performance in low- dimensional spaces.

Adaptive Query Processing in Point-Transformation Schemes

The experimental results show that the proposed approach significantly improves the query performance of point-transformation schemes and can easily be generalized to accommodate any hierarchical space-filling curve, not just the Z-curve.

A Functional Database Representation of Large Sets of Objects

A novel way of implementing set-valued operators that are used in analysis and retrieval in large social networks and has been implemented and thoroughly tested in several demanding applications is explored.



Toward a Formal Derivation of the Expected Behavior of Prefix B-Trees

Via order statistics, the average length of all separators in random Prefix B-trees is analyzed and some conclusions and conjectures concerning the average overall storage are drawn.

Ubiquitous B-Tree

The major variations of the B-tree are discussed, especially the B+-tree, contrasting the merits and costs of each implementation and illustrating a general purpose access method that uses a B- tree.

Compact 0-Complete Trees

A B-tree like search algorithm that is independent of key type or key length because all keys in index blocks are encoded by a lof is presented.

Two Access Methods Using Compact Binary Trees

It is shown how a highly compact representation of binary trees can be used as the basis of two access methods for dynamic files, called BDS-trees and S-trees, respectively. Both these methods

Extendible hashing—a fast access method for dynamic files

This work studies, by analysis and simulation, the performance of extendible hashing and indicates that it provides an attractive alternative to other access methods, such as balanced trees.

Analysis of Compact 0-Complete Trees: A New Access Method to Large Databases

Correctness of some operations defined on the structure of a conceptual trie structure is demonstrated and the expected values of those parameters which are critical for the performance of the structure are derived.

Oracle: A Database Developer's Guide

This volume provides worked examples that illustrate the types of real-life reasoning that goes into building enterprise models, data models, and process analysis; examines some of the third party products which are alternatives to Oracle's development tools, discussing when such tools are appropriate.

Some Results on V-ary Asymmetric Tries

Evolution of random search trees

  • H. Mahmoud
  • Mathematics
    Wiley-Interscience series in discrete mathematics and optimization
  • 1992
Time Series: The Asymptotic Distribution of Auto-Correlation Coefficients On a Test of Serial Correlation for Regression Models with Lagged Dependent Variables Directional Data Analysis: Optimal