StopWatch: A Cloud Architecture for Timing Channel Mitigation

  title={StopWatch: A Cloud Architecture for Timing Channel Mitigation},
  author={Peng Li and Debin Gao and Michael K. Reiter},
  journal={ACM Trans. Inf. Syst. Secur.},
This article presents StopWatch, a system that defends against timing-based side-channel attacks that arise from coresidency of victims and attackers in infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. StopWatch triplicates each cloud-resident guest virtual machine (VM) and places replicas so that the three replicas of a guest VM are coresident with nonoverlapping sets of (replicas of) other VMs. StopWatch uses the timing of I/O events at a VM’s replicas collectively to determine the timings observed by… CONTINUE READING


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