Stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera) from Serra Bonita, Bahia, Brazil: new species and updated records.

  title={Stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera) from Serra Bonita, Bahia, Brazil: new species and updated records.},
  author={T{\'a}cio Duarte and Lucas Silveira Lecci and Adolfo Ricardo Calor},
There are 176 species representing eight genera and two families of Plecoptera known from Brazil. However, only ten of these species are recorded from the State of Bahia. In this study, an inventory of stoneflies from the southern region of Bahia State, Serra Bonita, including the municipality of Camacan, was undertaken from 2007-2012. Stoneflies were collected using UV light pan traps, Malaise traps, and aerial nets. One new gripopterygid species, Tupiperla bispoi n. sp., is described and… 

Aquatic Insects from the Caatinga: checklists and diversity assessments of Ubajara (Ceará State) and Sete Cidades (Piauí State) National Parks, Northeastern Brazil

Rarefaction curves based on quantitative light trap samples suggest a much higher expected species richness of aquatic insects at Sete Cidades than at Ubajara National Park, possibly due to structural differences of water bodies sampled in each park.

A new species of Tupiperla Froehlich, 1969 (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae) from Serra da Jibóia, Bahia, Brazil.

The gripopterygid genus Tupiperla comprises 18 species, 16 have been recorded from Brazil, including T. guariru n. sp., described here. The new species was collected from streams in the Serra da

Perlidae (Plecoptera) from the Paranapiacaba Mountains, Atlantic Forest, Brazil: Diversity and implications of the integrative approach and teneral specimens on taxonomy

The results suggest that the development of an integrative taxonomy is essential to continue advancing the study of Perlidae diversity in South America and indicate that the color of adult teneral specimens differs from that of mature specimens.

Systematic revision and phylogeny of Paragripopteryx Enderlein, 1909 (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae)

This study aims to revise Paragripopteryx and present the first morphology-based phylogeny for the genus and gathers relevant morphological information that can help to better understand this genus and create foundations for the next steps.

Tupiperla (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae) from southwestern Minas Gerais State, Brazil, with the description of Tupiperla amorimi n.sp.

The genus Tupiperla Froehlich 1969 occurs in Brazil from Bahia and Goiás states south to Santa Catarina State and also in nearby areas of Misiones Province, Argentina and southern Paraguay. Recently,



Gripopterygidae (Plecoptera) from Paranapiacaba mountains, southeastern Brazil

In the present paper, adults of the family Gripopterygidae collected in Paranapiacaba mountains are analyzed, the new species are described and a key to species of this family from this area is

A new species and new records of gripopterygidae (plecoptera) from the Serra dos Orgãos, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.

A new species of the stonefly family Gripopterygidae, Tupiperla barbosai sp. nov. is described from the Serra dos Orgãos, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Additionally, two new species records are

Global diversity of stoneflies (Plecoptera; Insecta) in freshwater

The data indicate the Holarctic Region as the diversity hot-spot for the Plecoptera order, and the analysis of the specific diversity divided by family suggests also an important role of tropical stoneflies.


A floristic survey of the ferns and lycophytes of the Serra Bonita Reserve was carried out from 2005 to 2009, resulting in the collection of 182 species, nearly 25 percent of which were recorded for the first time in Bahia State or northeastern Brazil.

Perlidae (Plecoptera) from Intervales State Park, São Paulo State, Southeastern Brazil, with Descriptions of New Species

Fourteen species of perlids in three genera were recorded from the Intervales State Park, including Anacroneuria, Kempnyia, and Macrogynoplax veneranda.

A new species and notes on Perlidae (Plecoptera) from Paraná and Santa Catarina States, southern Brazil.

Six previously described species of Perlidae (Plecoptera) were identified and a new species, Anacroneuria iguazu n.

Taxonomic revision of Gripopteryx (Pictet, 1841) (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae)

The genus Gripopteryx is revised and two new species are described, G. japi n. sp. from southeastern Brazil, and G. clemira n. sp. from northeastern Brazil. The male of G. brasiliensis Samal, 1921


K Kempnyia serrana (Nav{s) is recorded from the State of Sao Paulo and a new illustration of the penial armature of that species is presented.

Guaranyperla, A New Genus in the Gripopterygidae (Plecoptera)

The genus Guaranyperla is defined by some autapomorphies, especially of the nymphs, viz., the expanded paranota and a body covering of vesicular hairs, both unique in the family.

First records of Plecoptera from Pantepui biogegraphical province, with the first record of genus Kempnyia Klapálek, 1914 for Venezuela (Insecta: Plecoptera)

Stoneflies are recorded for the first time in Pantepui biogegraphical province at Churi tepui plateau. Two stonefly genera were recorded: Macrogynoplax and Kempnyia. Kempyia is reported for the first