Stonebraker on NoSQL and enterprises

  title={Stonebraker on NoSQL and enterprises},
  author={Michael Stonebraker},
  journal={Communications of the ACM},
  pages={10 - 11}
  • M. Stonebraker
  • Published 1 August 2011
  • Computer Science
  • Communications of the ACM
The Communications Web site,, features more than a dozen bloggers in the BLOG@CACM community. In each issue of Communications, we'll publish selected posts or excerpts. twitter Follow us on Twitter at Michael Stonebraker discusses several reasons why NoSQL has not caught on with enterprise users. 

NoSQL: A Real Use Case

A Framework for the Evaluation of NoSQL Databases for Big Data Use Cases

A comprehensive use case-based comparison framework for the selection of the most suitable database for specific requirements and application domains and a comparable numeric measurement for the fitness of a NoSQL database in enterprise use cases is proposed.

NoSQL Databases: Yearning for Disambiguation

This paper presents a survey of NoSQL databases and their classification by data model type, and presents the major areas of ambiguity and confusion around NoSQL database concepts, and attempts to disambiguate them.

Data modeling in the NoSQL world

Implementing a Classic ER Algebra to Automatically Generate Complex Queries for Document-Oriented Databases

Evidence is presented showing that a classic ER algebra and a Model Management approach can be used to implement a solution that works with complex queries in any schema, producing evidence that this approach can lead to schema independence in complex NoSQL queries.

Big Data

  • J. Dill
  • Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing
  • 2019

MQL: Mixed Query Language for Querying MySQL and HBase Databases

  • Khaleel W. Mershad
  • Computer Science
    2019 International Conference on Innovative Trends in Computer Engineering (ITCE)
  • 2019
The basics of a query language that allows a database user to query structural and non-structural databases at the same time using a single query is presented.

Looking back at Postgres

This is a recollection of the UC Berkeley Postgres project, which was led by Mike Stonebraker from the mid-1980's to the early 1990's, and focuses on StonebraKER's design ideas and leadership.