Stokes' theorem for nonsmooth chains

  title={Stokes' theorem for nonsmooth chains},
  author={Jenny Harrison},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • J. Harrison
  • Published 1 October 1993
  • Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Much of the vast literature on the integral during the last two centuries concerns extending the class of integrable functions. In contrast, our viewpoint is akin to that taken by Hassler Whitney [{\it Geometric integration theory}, Princeton Univ. Press, Princeton, NJ, 1957] and by geometric measure theorists because we extend the class of integrable {\it domains}. Let $\omega$ be an $n$-form defined on $\Bbb R^m$. We show that if $\omega$ is sufficiently smooth, it may be integrated over… 

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