Stoffwechselprodukte von Mikroorganismen

  title={Stoffwechselprodukte von Mikroorganismen},
  author={M. Balerna and Walter Keller-Schierlein and Christopher Martius and Heinz Wolf and Hans Z{\"a}hner},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r Mikrobiologie},
SummaryNaphthomycin, a new yellow antibiotic of the quinoid type, has been isolated from cultures of strain Tü 105 of Streptomyces collinus Lindenbeim. It has been characterized by analytical, spectroscopic, and microbiological data. SH compounds prevent the inhibitory effect of the acid antibiotic. Naphthomycin has been found to antagonize vitamin K.ZusammenfassungAus Kulturen von Streptomyces collinus Lindenbein (Stamm Tü 105) wurde ein neues, gelbes Chinon-Antibioticum, das Naphthomycin… 
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A Novel Ansamycin, Naphthomycin K from Streptomyces sp.

One novel ansamycin, namely naphthomycin K, together with two known naphthomycins A and E, were isolated from the commensal strain Streptomyces sp. CS of the medicinal plant Maytenus hookeri. Their

New ansamycin analogues from the mutant strain of Streptomyces seoulensis

Isolation, structural elucidation and bioactivity assay of these C17BAs analogs are described and it is unambiguously shown that the wild-type strain can produce 1a–1c with the production yields about 10–20 times lower than those in mutant strain.

Macrocyclic Antibiotic Selectors in Direct HPLC Enantioseparations

In the past few decades, macrocyclic antibiotic molecules have become among the most useful chiral selectors in analytical HPLC, thin-layer chromatography and capillary electrophoresis and also in

Biogenetic amino acid antagonists

The mode of action of amino acid antagonists of biological origin ist surveyed und the enzymatic reactions with which these antibiotics interfere are described, thus also elucidating the various

Design and synthesis of ansamycin antibiotics

This review covers the synthetic chemistry and biological activity of benzenic ansamycins from 1989 to 2007 and synthetic approaches to the C15-benzene ans Amycins (geldanamycin and related) are discussed.



Rote Antibiotica aus Actinomyceten. Partialstruktur von Griseorhodin A

Das aus dem Streptomyces-Stamm JA 2640 als Hauptfarbstoff isolierte Antibioticum Griseorhodin A gab durch Einwirkung von methanolischer Salzsaure ein kristallines, rotes Abbauprodukt. Die

Stoffwechselprodukte von Actinomyceten

Zusammenfassung1.Sideromycine sind Antibiotica, die gekreuzte Resistenz mit Grisein aufweisen und die durch Ferrioxamine in ihrer Wirkung gegen Grampositive Bakterien kompetitiv enthemmt werden.2.Der

The growth-promoting activity of compounds of the vitamin K group and analogues for a rumen strain of Fusiformis nigrescens.

  • M. Lev
  • Biology
    Journal of general microbiology
  • 1959
The compounds showed in the main the same relative activity for the micro-organism as for higher animals, with two exceptions: 1:4-naphthoquinone was highly active for F. nigrescens but is inactive for animals; phthiocol, which is active for animals, inhibited the response of F. Nigrescens to menaphthone and acted as an anti-vitamin K for themicro-organisms.

The effect of piericidin A on energy-linked processes in submitochondrial particles.

Amino acid sequence analysis shows that the P. aerophilum SOD is closely related to SODs from other hyperthermophilic archaea (Aeropyrum pernix and Sulfolobus spp.), forming a family of enzymes distinct from the hyperthernophilic bacterial SOD from Aquifex pyrophilus and from mesophilic Sods.

Apparent Requirement for Vitamin K of Rumen Strains of Fusiformis nigrescens

  • M. Lev
  • Biology, Medicine
  • 1958
An organism producing coal-black colonies on blood agar has been isolated from the rumen contents of six cows fed on kale, hay and concentrates or grass diets and from therumens of two abbatoir-killed cows and may be a normal component of the flora of the bovine rumen.

Mechanism of Action

Probiotics regulation and formulations are discussed, current understanding of mechanisms of action are reviewed, and recent study data in regards to clinically relevant GI disorders are summarized.