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Stock price formation: useful insights from a multi-agent reinforcement learning model

  title={Stock price formation: useful insights from a multi-agent reinforcement learning model},
  author={Johann Lussange and Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde and Stefano Palminteri and Boris S. Gutkin},
  journal={arXiv: Trading and Market Microstructure},
In the past, financial stock markets have been studied with previous generations of multi-agent systems (MAS) that relied on zero-intelligence agents, and often the necessity to implement so-called noise traders to sub-optimally emulate price formation processes. However recent advances in the fields of neuroscience and machine learning have overall brought the possibility for new tools to the bottom-up statistical inference of complex systems. Most importantly, such tools allows for studying… 

Order book regulatory impact on stock market quality: a multi-agent reinforcement learning perspective

Recent technological developments have changed the fundamental ways stock markets function, bringing regulatory instances to assess the benefits of these developments. In parallel, the ongoing

Structured Multi-Agent-Based Model for Bankruptcy Contagion With Cash Flow

A new relationship, called the cash flow relationship, is presented based on several relationships related to cash flows to successfully address the limitations of the existing multi-agent models for bankruptcy contagion.



Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning

This book focuses on those algorithms of reinforcement learning that build on the powerful theory of dynamic programming, and gives a fairly comprehensive catalog of learning problems, and describes the core ideas, followed by the discussion of their theoretical properties and limitations.

Volatility Clustering in Financial Markets: Empirical Facts and Agent-Based Models.

Time series of financial asset returns often exhibit the volatility clustering property: large changes in prices tend to cluster together, resulting in persistence of the amplitudes of price changes.

University of Kent

This paper explores the impact of return migration on the Albanian economy by analysing the occupational choice of return migrants while explicitly differentiating between self-employment as either

Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, EC 2013, Philadelphia, PA, USA, June 16-20, 2013

The papers in this Proceedings were presented at the 14th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'13), held June 16-20 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA and 49 of the accepted papers are published in these Proceedings.


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The xishacorene natural products are structurally unique apolar diterpenoids that feature a bicyclo[3.3.1] framework. These secondary metabolites likely arise from the well-studied, structurally


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