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Stock-based Compensation and Shareholder Value

  title={Stock-based Compensation and Shareholder Value},
  author={Erik Forsblom and Ludwig Smedberg},



Beskattningen av incitamentsprogram : Särskilt om beskattningen av tecknings- och köpoptionsprogram med anledning av incitamentsprogramsutredningen (SOU 2016:23)

Beskattningen av incitamentsprogram : Sarskilt om beskattningen av tecknings- och kopoptionsprogram med anledning av incitamentsprogramsutredningen (SOU 2016:23)

Explaining Executive Compensation: Managerial Power versus the Perceived Cost of Stock Options

The 1990s were a great time to be a top executive in a large U.S. company. Figure 1 shows the median total compensation of chief executive officers in S&P 500 Industrials (that is, the S&P 500

Aktierelaterade Incitamentsprogram i Noterade Bolag: Studie 2015’, PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • 2016

CEO Compensaton’, National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 16585

  • 2010

SOU 2009:34 Förenklingar i aktiebolagslagen m.m.

Utredningen (SOU 2009:34) foreslar en rad forenklingar och andra lattnader i aktiebolagslagen och aktiebolagsforordningen for i huvudsak de privata aktiebolagen.Forenklingsarbetet har framfor allt ...

Swedish convertible bonds and their valuation

Since 1980, many convertible bonds have been issued by Swedish companies. Most of these issues have been aimed at the employees. The great number of these employee issues gave rise to a new tax law.

CEO Incentives—It's Not How Much You Pay, But How*

In this 1990 "Harvard Business Review" classic, the authors begin by correcting a number of widespread misconceptions: Copyright Copyright (c) 2010 Morgan Stanley.

Executive compensation structure, ownership, and firm performance