Stock Prices Reaction to Dividend Announcements: A Study on Listed Companies in the Damascus Securities Exchange

  title={Stock Prices Reaction to Dividend Announcements: A Study on Listed Companies in the Damascus Securities Exchange},
  author={Ghada Abbas},
  journal={ERN: Econometric Studies of Corporate Governance (Topic)},
  • Ghada Abbas
  • Published 8 December 2014
  • Business
  • ERN: Econometric Studies of Corporate Governance (Topic)
According to the signaling theory, dividend announcements are usually considered as a signal to the investors, about firm's future performance, that results in stock prices changes. This study attempts to investigate the stock prices response to dividend announcement in the Damascus Securities Exchange. The purpose of the study is to identify whether there are any significant abnormal returns around the public announcement of dividend. An event study methodology is used for an event window of… 

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