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Stock Market Reaction to Mergers and Acquisitions Announcements in Emerging Markets. Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions Firms Listed in Eastern Africa Securities Markets

  title={Stock Market Reaction to Mergers and Acquisitions Announcements in Emerging Markets. Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions Firms Listed in Eastern Africa Securities Markets},
  author={Beth W. Kariuki and Willy Mwangi Muturi and David Ndung'u Kiragu},
  journal={Research Journal of Finance and Accounting},
Stock market reaction to mergers and acquisitions announcements is a topical issue in corporate finance. Consequently, the topic has received attention in equal measure; however, the bulk of these studies are skewed towards the developed financial markets. The foregoing evidence raises a fundamental question; is the empirical evidence exhibited in developed financial markets applicable in the emerging markets? Using data from listed firms in Eastern Africa securities market involved in mergers… 

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