Stochastic thermodynamics of inertial-like Stuart-Landau dimer

  title={Stochastic thermodynamics of inertial-like Stuart-Landau dimer},
  author={Jung-Wan Ryu and Alexandre Lazarescu and Rahul Marathe and Juzar Thingna},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
Stuart-Landau limit-cycle oscillators are a paradigm in the study of coherent and incoherent limit cycles. In this work, we generalize the standard StuartLandau dimer model to include effects due to an inertia-like term and noise and study its dynamics and stochastic thermodynamics. In the absence of noise (zerotemperature limit), the dynamics show the emergence of a new bistable phase where coherent and incoherent limit cycles coexist. At finite temperatures, we develop a stochastic… Expand

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Soft Matt . 13 22 . [ 6 ] Seifert U
  • 2017
The reverse direction indicates that the initial condition at any value of k is chosen as the asymptotic limit of the coupling k + δk along with a small perturbation