Stochastic scalar conservation laws driven by rough paths

  title={Stochastic scalar conservation laws driven by rough paths},
  author={Peter K. Friz and Benjamin Gess},
  journal={arXiv: Analysis of PDEs},
  • P. Friz, B. Gess
  • Published 26 March 2014
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Analysis of PDEs
Scalar conservation laws with multiple rough fluxes
We study pathwise entropy solutions for scalar conservation laws with inhomogeneous fluxes and quasilinear multiplicative rough path dependence. This extends the previous work of Lions, Perthame and
Scalar conservation laws with rough flux and stochastic forcing
In this paper, we study scalar conservation laws where the flux is driven by a geometric Hölder p-rough path for some $$p\in (2,3)$$p∈(2,3) and the forcing is given by an Itô stochastic integral
Heterogeneous stochastic scalar conservation laws with non-homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions
  • G. Lv, Jiang-Lun Wu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations
  • 2018
An explicit estimate is established for the continuous dependence of stochastic entropy solutions on the flux function and the random source function for heterogeneous scalar conservation laws with multiplicative noise on a bounded domain with non-homogeneous boundary condition.
Uniqueness for stochastic scalar conservation laws on Riemannian manifolds revisited
We revise a uniqueness question for the scalar conservation law with stochastic forcing du + divgf(x,u)dt = ?(x,u)dWt, x ? M, t ? 0 on a smooth compact Riemannian manifold (M,g) whereWt is the
Long‐Time Behavior, Invariant Measures, and Regularizing Effects for Stochastic Scalar Conservation Laws
We study the long‐time behavior and regularity of the pathwise entropy solutions to stochastic scalar conservation laws with random‐in‐time spatially homogeneous fluxes and periodic initial data. We
Large deviations for conservative stochastic PDE and non-equilibrium fluctuations
We identify the large deviations rate function for nonlinear diffusion equations with conservative, nonlinear white noise by proving the $\Gamma$-convergence of rate functions to approximating
The Burgers’ equation with stochastic transport: shock formation, local and global existence of smooth solutions
AbstractIn this work, we examine the solution properties of the Burgers’ equation with stochastic transport. First, we prove results on the formation of shocks in the stochastic equation and then
Well-posedness of nonlinear transport equation by stochastic perturbation
Abstract We are concerned with multidimensional nonlinear stochastic transport equation driven by Brownian motions. For irregular fluxes, by using stochastic BGK approximations and commutator
Stochastic nonlinear Fokker–Planck equations


Scalar conservation laws with rough (stochastic) fluxes
We develop a pathwise theory for scalar conservation laws with quasilinear multiplicative rough path dependence, a special case being stochastic conservation laws with quasilinear stochastic
On a stochastic scalar conservation law
In this paper, we discuss the Cauchy problem for a scalar conservation law with a random noise. When the flux function is quadratic (e.g., Burgers' equation), the well-known existence result of
Large deviations principles for stochastic scalar conservation laws
Large deviations principles for a family of scalar 1 + 1 dimensional conservative stochastic PDEs (viscous conservation laws) are investigated, in the limit of jointly vanishing noise and viscosity.
Scalar conservation laws with rough (stochastic) fluxes: the spatially dependent case
We continue the development of the theory of pathwise stochastic entropy solutions for scalar conservation laws in $${\mathbb {R}}^N$$RN with quasilinear multiplicative “rough path” dependence by
We study the Cauchy problem for multi-dimensional nonlinear conservation laws with multiplicative stochastic perturbation. Using the concept of measure-valued solutions and Kruzhkov's entropy