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Stochastic quantisation of Yang-Mills-Higgs in 3D

  title={Stochastic quantisation of Yang-Mills-Higgs in 3D},
  author={A. Ramesh Chandra and Ilya Chevyrev and Martin Hairer and Hao Shen},
We define a state space and a Markov process associated to the stochastic quantisation equation of Yang-Mills-Higgs (YMH) theories. The state space $\mathcal{S}$ is a nonlinear metric space of distributions, elements of which can be used as initial conditions for the (deterministic and stochastic) YMH flow with good continuity properties. Using gauge covariance of the deterministic YMH flow, we extend gauge equivalence $\sim$ to $\mathcal{S}$ and thus define a quotient space of"gauge orbits… 
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