Stochastic oscillations and dragon king avalanches in self-organized quasi-critical systems

  title={Stochastic oscillations and dragon king avalanches in self-organized quasi-critical systems},
  author={Osame Kinouchi and Ludmila Brochini and Ariadne A. Costa and Jo{\~a}o Guilherme Ferreira Campos and Mauro Copelli},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
In the last decade, several models with network adaptive mechanisms (link deletion-creation, dynamic synapses, dynamic gains) have been proposed as examples of self-organized criticality (SOC) to explain neuronal avalanches. However, all these systems present stochastic oscillations hovering around the critical region that are incompatible with standard SOC. Here we make a linear stability analysis of the mean field fixed points of two self-organized quasi-critical systems: a fully connected… CONTINUE READING

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