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Stochastic mechanics , hidden variables , and gravity

  title={Stochastic mechanics , hidden variables , and gravity},
  author={Lee Srnolin},

On the Stochastic Mechanics Foundation of Quantum Mechanics

Among the famous formulations of quantum mechanics, the stochastic picture developed since the middle of the last century remains one of the less known ones. It is possible to describe quantum

Stochastic emergent quantum gravity

  • J. Erlich
  • Physics
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • 2018
We present a stochastic framework for emergent quantum gravity coupled to matter. The Hamiltonian constraint in diffeomorphism-invariant theories demands the identification of a clock relative to

Stochastic Mechanics Without Ad Hoc Quantization: Theory And Applications To Semiclassical Gravity

Quantum mechanics, in its standard formulations, is well-known to suffer from conceptual and technical problems such as the quantum measurement problem and what might be called the 'problem of

A Suggested Answer To Wallstrom's Criticism (I): Zitterbewegung Stochastic Mechanics

Wallstrom's criticism of existing formulations of stochastic mechanics is that they fail to derive the empirical predictions of orthodox quantum mechanics because they require an ad hoc quantization

Virtual Particle Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics - a non-dualistic model of QM with a natural probability interpretation

An interpretation of non-relativistic quantum mechanics is presented in the spirit of Erwin Madelung’s hydrodynamic formulation of QM and Louis de Broglie’s and David Bohm’s pilot wave models. The

Violation of the Bell-Inequality in Supercorrelated Systems

It is shown that there exists, surprisingly, a wide class of wellknown physical systems that strongly violate the Bell inequality, even if they are classical and local in Bell’s sense; these systems share a property that could be termed ‘supercorrelation’ and are extended to realistic physical systems.

Newtonian gravity in loop quantum gravity

We apply a recent argument of Verlinde to loop quantum gravity, to conclude that Newton’s law of gravity emerges in an appropriate limit and setting. This is possible because therelationship

A Theory of the Universe from Contemporary Physics: Evaluating Smolin's Argument for the Elimination of 'Ideal Elements'

I explore Leibnizian themes in the theoretical physicist's pursuit of a quantum cosmology by examining Smolin's program based on the elimination of ideal elements. These constructs are formal

What Branching Spacetime Might Do for Physics

In recent years, the branching spacetime (BST) interpretation of quantum mechanics has come under study by a number of philosophers, physicists and mathematicians. This paper points out some

"Charge without Charge" in the Stochastic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

In this note I examine some implications of stochastic interpretations of quantum mechanics for the concept of "charge without charge" presented by Wheeler and Misner. I argue that if a stochastic



In Albert Einstein: Philosopher scientist (ed

  • P. A. Schilpp).
  • 1949

On the nature of quantum fluctuations and their relation to gravitation and the principle of inertia

A new point of view towards the problem of the relationship between gravitational and quantum phenomena is proposed which is inspired by the fact that the distinction between quantum fluctuations and

Stochastic Quantization and Gauge Fixing in Gauge Theories

These lectures were supposed to focus on a specific non-compact lattice gauge model with a peculiar “stochastic” gauge fixing invented by Zwanziger. But to put this model into perspective I find it


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Thermal and quantum fluctuations in special and general relativity: an Einstein synthesis

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