Stochastic impulse control of nonsmooth dynamics with partial observation and execution delay: Application to an environmental restoration problem

  title={Stochastic impulse control of nonsmooth dynamics with partial observation and execution delay: Application to an environmental restoration problem},
  author={Hidekazu Yoshioka and Yuta Yaegashi},
  journal={Optimal Control Applications and Methods},
  pages={1226 - 1252}
Nonsmooth dynamics driven by stochastic disturbance arise in a wide variety of engineering problems. Impulsive interventions are often employed to control stochastic systems; however, the modeling and analysis subject to execution delay have been less explored. In addition, continuously receiving information of the dynamics is not always possible. In this article, with an application to an environmental restoration problem, a continuous‐time stochastic impulse control problem subject to… 

Towards control of dam and reservoir systems with forward–backward stochastic differential equations driven by clustered jumps

  • H. Yoshioka
  • Mathematics
    Advanced Control for Applications
  • 2022
It is shown that the linear-quadratic case can capture the real operation data of the system with underestimation of the outflow discharge, and key challenges towards more sophisticated modeling and analysis with jump-driven FBSDEs are discussed.

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Some control problems with random intervention times

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    Advances in Applied Probability
  • 2001
We consider the problem of optimally tracking a Brownian motion by a sequence of impulse controls, in such a way as to minimize the total expected cost that consists of a quadratic deviation cost and

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Abstract We study impulse control problems of jump diffusions with delayed reaction. This means that there is a delay δ>0 between the time when a decision for intervention is taken and the time when

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A new control strategy for a class of piecewise deterministic processes (PDP) that consist of ordinary differential equations that are subject to random switches corresponding to a discrete Markov process is presented.

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Numerical results show that, by employing the obtained optimal control governed by stochastic dynamical system, 1,3-PD concentration at the terminal time can be increased compared with the previous results.