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Stochastic dynamical systems with weak contractivity properties (with a chapter featuring results of Martin Benda)

  title={Stochastic dynamical systems with weak contractivity properties (with a chapter featuring results of Martin Benda)},
  author={Marc Peign'e and Wolfgang Woess},
  journal={arXiv: Probability},
Consider a proper metric space X and a sequence of i.i.d. random continuous mappings F_n from X to X. It induces the stochastic dynamical system (SDS) X_n^x = F_n(X_{n-1}^x) starting at x in X. In this paper, we study existence and uniqueness of invariant measures, as well as recurrence and ergodicity of this process. In the first part, we elaborate, improve and complete the unpublished work of Martin Benda on local contractivity, which merits publicity and provides an important tool for… 


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