Stochastic Loewner Evolution: Linking Universality, Criticality and Conformal Invariance in Complex Systems

  title={Stochastic Loewner Evolution: Linking Universality, Criticality and Conformal Invariance in Complex Systems},
  author={Hans C. Fogedby},
  booktitle={Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science},
  • H. Fogedby
  • Published in
    Encyclopedia of Complexity…
    8 June 2007
  • Mathematics
Stochastic Loewner evolution also called Schramm Loewner evolution (abbreviated, SLE) is a rigorous tool in mathematics and statistical physics for generating and studying scale invariant or fractal random curves in two dimensions. The method is based on the older deterministic Loewner evolution introduced by Karl Loewner, who demonstrated that an arbitrary curve not crossing itself can be generated by a real function by means of a conformal transformation. In 2000 Oded Schramm extended this… 
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Stochastic games

  • Eilon Solan
  • Economics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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The historical context and the impact of Shapley’s contribution to stochastic games, which were the first general dynamic model of a game to be defined, are summarized.



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This article is meant to serve as a guide to recent developments in the study of the scaling limit of critical models made possible through the definition of the Stochastic Löwner Evolution (SLE), and defines SLE and discusses some of its properties.