Stingray: high-speed control of small UGVs in urban terrain

  title={Stingray: high-speed control of small UGVs in urban terrain},
  author={Brian Yamauchi and Kent Massey},
  booktitle={Defense + Commercial Sensing},
  • Brian Yamauchi, Kent Massey
  • Published in Defense + Commercial Sensing 2009
  • Physics, Engineering
  • For the TARDEC-funded Stingray Project, iRobot Corporation and Chatten Associates are developing technologies that will allow small UGVs to operate at tactically useful speeds. In previous work, we integrated a Chatten Head-Aimed Remote Viewer (HARV) with an iRobot Warrior UGV, and used the HARV to drive the Warrior, as well as a small, high-speed, gas-powered UGV surrogate. In this paper, we describe our continuing work implementing semiautonomous driver-assist behaviors to help an operator… CONTINUE READING

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