Stimulus-response characteristics of CO2-induced air hunger in normal subjects.

  title={Stimulus-response characteristics of CO2-induced air hunger in normal subjects.},
  author={Robert Banzett and Robert W. Lansing and Krista Carole Evans and Steven Andrew Shea},
  journal={Respiration physiology},
  volume={103 1},
Hypercapnia evokes an uncomfortable sensation, termed 'air hunger'. We examined the relationship between PETCO2 and ratings of air hunger intensity under three conditions in 16 subjects: 1) mechanical ventilation with hyperoxic gas mixtures at fixed frequency and tidal volume (twice resting ventilation), 2) the same mechanical ventilation, but with hypoxic gas mixture, 3) spontaneous breathing with hyperoxic gas mixture. In each case, PETCO2 was varied randomly among several levels, each held… CONTINUE READING

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