Stimulus and hormonal determinants of flehmen behavior in cats

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Nasopalatine Ducts and Flehmen Behavior in the Mandrill: Reevaluating Olfactory Communication in Old World Primates

Flehmen, particularly in a given male, occurred most often in response to odorants derived from male, as opposed to female, conspecifics, and elicited more responses than did odorants from contracepted females.

The flehmen response and pseudosuckling in a captive, juvenile Southern sea otter (Enhydra lutris nereis).

Among the three sea otters currently housed at the Oregon Zoo, the juvenile female's flehmen response only occurred following interactions with the older female and was always preceded by the pseudosuckling or anogenital nosing, licking or nibbling behavior.

Ontogeny of scent marking behaviours in an apex carnivore

Puma (Puma concolor) communication with conspecifics is via indirect scent marking behaviours that are important for individuals to advertise their territory and reproductive status, but little is

The characteristic response of domestic cats to plant iridoids allows them to gain chemical defense against mosquitoes

It is found that the iridoid nepetalactol is the major component of silver vine that elicits this potent response in cats and other felids and provides an important example of chemical pest defense using plant metabolites in nonhuman mammals.



Flehmen in male goats: role in sexual behavior.

Flehmen and vomeronasal organ function in male goats

Medial preoptic-anterior hypothalamic lesions and sociosexual behavior of male goats

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Female sexual responses in male cats facilitated by olfactory bulbectomy and medial preoptic/anterior hypothalamic lesions.

The results support the concept that there exists, within the brains of male animals, the neural basis for the display of female as well as male sexual responses and that certain brain operations may potentiate the displayof female responses.

The occurrence of flehmen in a marsupial — The hairy-nosed wombat (Lasiorhinus latifrons)

The sexual behaviour of prenatally androgenized ewes observed in the field.

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The results demonstrate that androgenization involves both a suppression of female behavioural patterns, and the development of male patterns; these are not mutually exclusive.

Autonomic innervation of the vomeronasal organ of the cat