Stimulation of renin release by prostaglandin E2.

  title={Stimulation of renin release by prostaglandin E2.},
  author={Tom{\'a}s Quesada and Jos{\'e} E. Campillo and C Garc{\'i}a del R{\'i}o and J A Os{\'o}rio and Francisco A. Alba},
  journal={Revista espanola de fisiologia},
  volume={33 2},
The effect of different doses of prostaglandin E2 on renin secretion in isolated perfused rat kidney has been studied. The infusion of 5 ng/ml of prostaglandin E2 produced a significant rise on renin secretion compared with control group. A dosage increase of prostaglandin E2 (10 and 50 ng/ml) produced an increase in the released renin. From this a… CONTINUE READING