Stimulation of antiviral antibody response in SHIV-IIIB-infected macaques.

  title={Stimulation of antiviral antibody response in SHIV-IIIB-infected macaques.},
  author={Sybille Muller and David H. Margolin and Gi-Sik Min and Dingyuan Lou and Peter Lloyd Nara and Michael K Axthelm and Heinz F. Kohler},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of immunology},
  volume={54 4},
Three macaques infected with SHIV-IIIB and expressing the shared 1F7-idiotypic marker on antibodies against HIV-1 gp120, were injected intravenously with 1F7 monoclonal antibodies (MoAb). As controls, a SHIV-IIIB-infected macaque was injected with a HIV-unrelated mouse monoclonal isotype antibody (TEPC-183) and two healthy, noninfected macaques were injected with MoAb 1F7. 1F7-id-expressing antibodies against gp120-IIIB decreased in two of the three MoAb 1F7-treated macaques and then rebounded… CONTINUE READING