Stimulation of adrenal mitogenesis by N-terminal proopiocortin peptides

  title={Stimulation of adrenal mitogenesis by N-terminal proopiocortin peptides},
  author={Fernando E. Estivariz and Ferml{\'i}n C. Iturriza and Catriona Mclean and James Hope and Philip J. Lowry},
Although it was generally believed that corticotropin (ACTH) maintained both the size of the adrenal gland and its level of steroid production1, there is a growing body of evidence for a specific factor(s) distinct from ACTH which may be responsible for the stimulation of adrenocortical growth and proliferation. While direct neural influences have been proposed to be responsible for the compensatory adrenal growth following unilateral adrenalectomy2, several observations have suggested the… CONTINUE READING


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