Stimulation of Reproductive Activity of Female Anolis sagrei by Moisture

  title={Stimulation of Reproductive Activity of Female Anolis sagrei by Moisture},
  author={Kathren M. Brown and Owen J. Sexton},
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Many earlier descriptive studies of the annual reproductive cycles of tropical and subtropical lizards have commented upon the positive relationship between onset of reproduction and recurrence of preciptation (Daniel 1960; Marshall and Hook 1960; Church 1962; Chapman and Chapman 1964; Harris 1964; Inger and Greenberg 1966; Licht and Gorman 1970; Sexton et al. 1971; Sexton and Turner 1971). There seems to have been little controlled experimentation to verify the logical hypothesis that rainfall… 

The reproductive cycle of an Iguanid lizard Anolis sagrei, from Belize

It was suggested that the cue regulating a cycle may not be that factor best predicting the cycle, per se, but a factor which is important in reducing mortality of some critical stage in egg development after oviposition.

The Reproductive Cycle of Anolis sagrei in

The interlocality variation in reproduction in A. sagrei suggests great flexibility in adjusting to local environmental conditions, and may, in part, account for the remarkable colonizing ability of this species.

Development and Function of the Female Reproductive Tract of the Tropical Lizard, Anolis pulchellus

The authors' knowledge of lizards comes mainly from seasonal breeders living in temperate regions, in which temperature and photoperiod exert decidedly controlling influences on their reproductive cycles.

Male and Female Reproductive Cycles of the Jamaican Lizard, Anolis opalinus

A montane population (elev. 690 m) of the Jamaican lizard, Anolis opalinus, was monitored weekly for 12 months. A greater percentage of reproductive individuals was found year-round than in any

Female reproductive cycles in two subspecies of the tropical lizard Mabuya striata

Female reproductive cycles were examined in two subspecies of the live-bearing lizard Mabuya striata from Central Africa, an area with distinct rainy and dry seasons, and it appears that the low temperatures and short hours of sunshine of the early dry season constrain reproduction.

The Influence of Food and Water on Growth Rates in a Tropical Lizard (Anolis Aeneus)

Investigation of the limiting effects of food and water on juvenile growth rates in the lizard Anolis aeneus suggests that limited water availability reduces growth rates for most of the dry season, whereas food levels are sufficiently low to limit growth during the weeks of thedry season when rainfall is sufficient for growth.

Ultrastructure of the eggshell of two species of anoline lizards

The role of the eggshell of two species of lizard (Anolis limifrons and A. sagrei, lguanidae, Squamata) in water transport is discussed and it is proposed that water moves from the soil through the egg shell by capillary.

Reptilian Reproductive Cycles and Environmental Regulators

  • B. Lofts
  • Biology, Environmental Science
  • 1978
Sperm production throughout the year has also been reported in other tropical and semitropical lizards, and a well-marked seasonal pattern in testis weight occurs in the sea snake Hydrophis cyanocinctus, even though spermatozoa are present in the seminiferous tubules in every month.

Reproductive Biology of Four Species of Tropical Australian Lizards and Comments on the Factors Regulating Lizard Reproductive Cycles

The reproductive cycles of four species of lizards in the middle-latitude (19?S) seasonal Australian tropics are examined, finding that female reproductive activity in two of the species commenced in mid-winter, and it is believed that it is triggered by increasing temperature, photoperiod, or rainfall.



The Reproductive Cycle of a Neotropical Lizard

The reproductive cycle of a neotropical sphaerodactylid lizard, Gonatodes albogularis, was studied at Ancon, Panama Canal Zone, from September 1968, until October 1969 and the apparent reproductive condition of the adults did not reflect the decline in number of oviposited eggs during the end of the wet season.

Growth and Cyclic Behavior in the West African Lizard, Agama agama africana

The viviparous Desert Night Lizard Xantusia vigilis, investigated by Miller, Miller, and Bartholomew, has a testicular cycle very closely correlated with day length and an ovarian cycle not so affected.

Reproductive Cycles of Three Species of Anoline Lizards from the Isthmus of Panama

The flexible reproductive system of A. limifrons enables it to reproduce at low rates in some areas where the other two species must cease reproduction during dry periods, and the most likely candidate for the female cycle is precipitation with certain limitations.

The reproductive cycles of the Javanese house geckos, Cosymbotus platyurus, Hemidactylus frenatus and Peropus mutilatus.

Under the relatively uniform climatic conditions of West Java, the three Javanese house geckos, Cosymbotus platyurus, Hemidactylus frenatus, and Peropus mutilatus reproduce at any time of the year without undergoing a definite seasonal cycle.

The Life of the Rainbow Lizard

The life of the rainbow lizard , The life of the rainbow lizard , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی

SEXTON ing biology of equatorial vertebrates : reproduction of the lizard Agama agama lionotus Boulenger at Lat . 0 01 ' N . Zoil