Stimulation of Paramecium phagocytosis by phorbol ester and forskolin.

  title={Stimulation of Paramecium phagocytosis by phorbol ester and forskolin.},
  author={Elżbieta Wyroba},
  journal={Cell biology international reports},
  volume={11 9},
Phorbol ester (PMA) exerted a dose- and time- dependent stimulating effect on phagocytosis in axenic Paramecium aurelia. When cells were exposed to 200-800 nM PMA in the presence of latex beads, the phagocytic coefficient was enhanced 2.25 to 3.14 times, during 10 min of continuous treatment and then rapidly declined. A similar effect was observed when the cells were exposed to a forskolin treatment, which resulted in nearly a twofold increase in phagocytic activity after a 10 min pulse. Both… CONTINUE READING