Stimulating action of KW-5139 (Leu13-motilin) on gastrointestinal motility in the rabbit.

  title={Stimulating action of KW-5139 (Leu13-motilin) on gastrointestinal motility in the rabbit.},
  author={T Kitazawa and Shunji Ichikawa and Tomihisa Yokoyama and Atsushi Ishii and Katsuro Shuto},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={111 1},
1. The gastrointestinal motor stimulating action of the motilin analogue, KW-5139 (Leu13-motilin), was investigated both in the anaesthetized rabbit and in rabbit isolated smooth muscle tissues. 2. KW-5139 (0.3-10 micrograms kg-1, i.v.) produced motor stimulating actions in the gastric antrum, ileum and descending colon, the excitatory responses of which were initiated at the same time but declined with different time courses. The rank order of the excitatory response was: descending colon > or… CONTINUE READING
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