Stimulating Local Factors in the Development of Denture Stomatitis

  title={Stimulating Local Factors in the Development of Denture Stomatitis},
  author={Marinka Mravak-Stipeti{\^E} and Lada Hemerich and Ivana Jur{\"E}i{\^E} and Vjekoslav Jerolimov},
A study was carried out of 70 denture wearers to determine the influence of local predisposing factors: the presence of saliva, oral and denture hygiene habits,age of present dentures and the degree of Candida colonisation on the fitting denture surface in the development of denture stomatitis. 49 patients with clinical evidence of various severity of denture stomatitis and 21 controls were investigated clinically and mycologically. Clinical tests included salivary measurment, oral and denture… CONTINUE READING