Steven-Johnson syndrome due to unknown drugs [corrected].


Steven-Johnson syndrome may be considered as a cytotoxic immune reaction to drugs, infections etc. This is a case report of Steven-Johnson syndrome due to an ayurvedic preparation which was used in the treatment of mental retardation in a young girl.

DOI: 10.4103/0253-7613.91888

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@article{Shivamurthy2012StevenJohnsonSD, title={Steven-Johnson syndrome due to unknown drugs [corrected].}, author={Raghu Prasada Malladar Shivamurthy and Ravindra Kallappa and Shashikala Gowdara Hanumantappa Reddy and Druva Kumar B. Rangappa}, journal={Indian journal of pharmacology}, year={2012}, volume={44 1}, pages={134-5} }