Sterols of Acanthamoeba culbertsoni strain A-1

  title={Sterols of Acanthamoeba culbertsoni strain A-1},
  author={Haider Mehdi and H. S. Garg and N. K. Garg and Dewan S. Bhakuni},
Functional importance for developmental regulation of sterol biosynthesis in Acanthamoeba castellanii.
Characterisation of sterol biosynthesis and validation of 14α-demethylase as a drug target in Acanthamoeba
It is demonstrated that the major sterol of Acanthamoeba castellanii is ergosterol and novel putative precursors and intermediate sterols in its production are identified and provided a putative framework for their further study.
Atividade de pterocaulon polystachyum DC. (asteraceae) frente a acanthamoeba castellanii
Evaluated the amebicidal activity of crude extract, hexane, dichloromethane and methanol fractions, and exudate of P. polystachyum against cysts and trophozoites of Acanthamoeba castellanii and results are promising for the discovery of a new therapeutic agent for the amoebic keratitis and suggest the development of new tests.
In vitro evaluation of the amebicidal activity of Pterocaulon polystachyum (Asteraceae) against trophozoites of Acanthamoeba castellanii
The crude extract and hexane, dichloromethane, and methanol fractions obtained from the aerial parts of Pterocaulon polystachyum (Asteraceae) were assayed against Acanthamoeba castellanii, a
Sterol methyltransferase a target for anti-amoeba therapy: towards transition state analog and suicide substrate drug design
It is hypothesized that the selective inhibition of Acanthamoeba by steroidal inhibitors representing distinct chemotypes may be an efficient strategy for the development of promising compounds to combat amoeba diseases.
Statins and Voriconazole Induce Programmed Cell Death in Acanthamoeba castellanii
This is the first study where PCD induced by drugs is described quantitatively and qualitatively in Acanthamoeba, and caspase activity was evaluated because caspases are key to PCD pathways.
Voriconazole as a first-line treatment against potentially pathogenic Acanthamoeba strains from Peru
Voriconazole should be established as a first-line treatment against Acanthamoeba infections at least in the studied region of Peru.
Optimized combinations of statins and azoles against Acanthamoeba trophozoites and cysts in vitro
The combinations of statins together with voriconazole and posaconazole are more efficient than these drugs alone, and these combinations have lower cytotoxicity in mammalian cell lines.
Aminoglucoside/Imidazole in the Treatment of Acanthamoeba Keratitis
  • Medicine
    Journal of Ophthalmology & Clinical Research
  • 2018
Five cases of AK with early diagnoses and good response to aminoglucoside/imidazole treatment and achieving acceptable final visual acuity in each case are presented.


Minor and trace sterols in marine invertebrates. Part 35. Isolation and structure elucidation of seventy-four sterols from the sponge Axinella cannabina
Seventy-four 3β-hydroxy-sterols, of which twenty-four are new, with seven different nuclei, have been isolated from the marine sponge Axinella cannabina by reverse-phase h.p.c. and argentic t.r.l.c.–m.m.s. spectroscopy.
5α‐24‐Norcholestan‐3β‐ol and (24Z)‐Stigmasta‐5,7,24(28)‐trien‐3β‐ol, Two New Marine Sterols from the Pacific Sponges Terpios zeteki and Dysidea herbacea
The steroidal components of 2 marine sponges, Terpios zeteki and Dysidea herbacea, were fractionated through a combination of chromatographic methods, including reversed phase HPLC., and were analyzed by a combinations of physical methods,, including high resolution GC.-MS.
A new method for the direct determination of serum cholesterol.
Precision and reproducibility are demonstrated as well as the absorption characteristics of the purple color produced through the spectral range of 400 to 700 mμ.
Simple medium for growth of Hartmannella culbertsoni & its encystation.