Steroids and Squalene in Methylococcus capsulatus grown on Methane

  title={Steroids and Squalene in Methylococcus capsulatus grown on Methane},
  author={C. W. Bird and James M. Lynch and F. J. PIRT and W W Reid and C. J. W. Brooks and B. S. Middleditch},
THE ubiquitous occurrence of steroids in nature, and their fundamental importance for plant and animal life, are well known. Until 1967, steroids had been encountered only in eukaryotic organisms, and had not been detected in prokaryotic organisms, the bacteria and blue–green algae. In recent years, sterols and the sterol precursor, squalene, have been detected in several classes of such organisms (Table 1). Quantitative studies are few, but they indicate that the amounts of steroids (expressed… CONTINUE READING

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