Steroidogenesis in ovarian follicles of chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus.

  title={Steroidogenesis in ovarian follicles of chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus.},
  author={Michiya Matsuyama and Tetsuro Shiraishi and Jitendra Kumar Sundaray and Anisur Rahman and Kohei Ohta and Akihiko Yamaguchi},
  journal={Zoological science},
  volume={22 1},
We incubated different radiolabeled steroid precursors with intact chub mackerel ovarian follicles to clarify the synthetic pathways of steroid hormones during vitellogenesis and following final oocyte maturation (FOM). During vitellogenesis, estradiol-17beta (E2) was synthesized from pregnenolone via 17-hydroxypregnenolone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, androstenedione, and testosterone. The physiological significance of the intermediate metabolites of E2 in the ovarian follicles was examined by… CONTINUE READING


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