Steroidal saponins from Tribulus terrestris.

  title={Steroidal saponins from Tribulus terrestris.},
  author={Lisi Cai and Yunjuan Wu and J Zhang and F Pei and Ya-juan Xu and S Xie and Dong-ming Xu},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={67 2},
Three new steroidal saponins were isolated from the fruits of Tribulus terrestris, and their structures were elucidated as (25R,S)-5 alpha-spirostane-12-one-3 beta-ol-3-O-beta-xylopyranosyl(1-->2)- [beta-xylopyranosyl(1-->3)]-beta-glucopyranosyl(1-->4)-[alpha-rhamno- pyranosyl(1-->2)]-beta-galactopyranoside; 26-O-beta-glucopyranosyl-(25S)-5 alpha-furostane-12-one-3 beta,22 alpha,26-triol-3-O-beta-glucopyranosyl(1-->2)-beta-galactopyranoside; 26-O-beta-glucopyranosyl-(25S)-5 alpha-furostane-12… CONTINUE READING

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