Steroid withdrawal in mycophenolate mofetil-treated renal allograft recipients.

  title={Steroid withdrawal in mycophenolate mofetil-treated renal allograft recipients.},
  author={Josep Mar{\'i}a Grinyo and Salvador Gil-Vernet and Daniel Ser{\'o}n and Josep Mar{\'i}a Cruzado and Francesc Moreso and Xavier Fulladosa and Alberto Martinez Castelao and Juan Torras and Leon Hooftman and J. Alsina},
  volume={63 11},
BACKGROUND Acute rejection is an inherent risk of the withdrawal of steroids in renal allograft recipients. Mycophenolate mofetil is a potent immunosuppressant that, when given with cyclosporine (CsA), reduces the incidence of acute rejection and may facilitate discontinuation of steroids without increasing the risk of rejection. METHODS In an open pilot study, steroids were withdrawn from 26 adult cadaveric kidney transplant recipients. Corticosteroids were discontinued between 4 and 30… CONTINUE READING
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