Steroid-refractory cryptogenic multifocal ulcerous stenosing enteritis.


Cryptogenic multifocal ulcerous stenosing enteritis (CMUSE) is a rare disease of unclear origin and pathophysiology. Treatment is symptomatic, with no particular medical therapy except for corticosteroids. We describe a patient with steroid-refractory CMUSE. A 25-year-old woman underwent bowel surgery 4 times because of small-bowel obstruction. She was… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.amjsurg.2010.09.020


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@article{Kim2011SteroidrefractoryCM, title={Steroid-refractory cryptogenic multifocal ulcerous stenosing enteritis.}, author={Chan Wook Kim and Chang Sik Yu and Yong sik Yoon and Sang Nam Yoon and Seok-Byung Lim and Jin Cheon Kim}, journal={American journal of surgery}, year={2011}, volume={202 5}, pages={e48-51} }