Steroid receptors in osteoblasts.


Using the whole-cell incubation system at 37 degrees C, the specific bindings for 3H-dexamethasone, 3H-estradiol-17 beta, 3H-dihydrotestosterone and 3H-R5020 were measured in the purified, putative osteoblasts isolated from fetal rat calvaria by collagenase digestion. More than 90% of the purified cells contained intense alkaline phosphatase activity. The… (More)


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@article{Yoshioka1980SteroidRI, title={Steroid receptors in osteoblasts.}, author={Tetsuya Yoshioka and Bryan Sato and K. Matsumoto and K. Ono}, journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research}, year={1980}, volume={148}, pages={297-303} }