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Stern and the critics on discounting

  title={Stern and the critics on discounting},
  author={John Quiggin},
Valuing nature for climate change policy: from discounting the future to truly social deliberation
The recent human impact on the environment is so unique in the geological record that the official geological body that defines the division of geological time, the International Commission on
Discussion on the Social Rate of Discount: from Sen to Behavioural Economics
This survey paper discusses the links between (1) research done by Amartya K. Sen on the social rate of discount and (2) behavioural economics studies on intertemporal and interpersonal choice. Sen’s
Valuing Pollution: Problems of Price in the Commodification of Nature
In recent years, ‘environmental economics' has provided the dominant logic underpinning policies for ‘sustainable development’ in the form of government managed price-based and rights-based
Globalization and Growth: Implications for a Post-Crisis World
The commission on growth and development was established in April 2006 as a response to two observations. While the author felt that the benefits of growth were not fully appreciated, the author
Assessing climate change adaptation options for local government
Uncertainty in the prediction of low probability high impact climate events makes it difficult for local governments to foresee locality specific climate risks, prioritise policy options and
Global Warming Economics in the Long Run: A Conceptual Framework
Economic models of climate change typically analyze its short-run effects, for example, up to the year 2100 or for a doubling of atmospheric CO2. This is a potentially serious shortcoming since under
Climate change emission valuation for transportation economic analysis
This paper describes climate change impacts and costs, presents methods for quantifying and monetizing (measuring in monetary units) these impacts, summarizes published unit cost estimates, and
Greenhouse Emissions and Climate Change: Implications for Developing Countries and Public Policy
There is no longer any serious debate about whether greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are altering the earth's climate. There is also a broad consensus that efficient mitigation of