Sterile Neutrino Search with MINOS

  title={Sterile Neutrino Search with MINOS},
  author={A. V. Devan},
  • A. V. Devan
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • MINOS, Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search, is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment in the NuMI muon neutrino beam at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, IL. It consists of two detectors, a near detector positioned 1\,km from the source of the beam and a far detector 734\,km away in Minnesota. MINOS is primarily designed to observe muon neutrino disappearance resulting from three flavor oscillations. The Standard Model of Particle Physics predicts that… CONTINUE READING
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    The MINOS Sterile Neutrino Analysis


    Measuring the Disappearance of Muon Neutrinos with the MINOS Detector.
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    Search for sterile neutrino mixing in the MINOS long baseline experiment
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    Identifying Muons for Neutrino Oscillation and Cross Section Experiments
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    Neutrino induced events in the MINOS detectors
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    Active to sterile neutrino mixing limits from neutral-current interactions in MINOS.
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    The magnetized steel and scintillator calorimeters of the MINOS experiment
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    Measurement of the calorimetric energy scale in MINOS
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    Indications of neutrino oscillation in a 250 km long-baseline experiment.
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