Steric effect in CO oxidation on Pt(111).

  title={Steric effect in CO oxidation on Pt(111).},
  author={Hirokazu Ueta and Mitsunori Kurahashi},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={147 19},
We present experimental evidence showing that the rate of CO oxidation on Pt(111) depends strongly on the geometry of an incident O2 molecule. The O2 sticking probability and the CO2 production rate on CO-covered Pt(111) surfaces during the alignment-controlled O2 beam irradiation were simultaneously monitored at a surface temperature of 330 K. The results indicate that, at the translational energy of 0.1-0.2 eV and at the CO coverage of <0.4 monolayers, both O2 adsorption and CO oxidation… CONTINUE READING