Stereotaxic irradiation of brain tumors.

  title={Stereotaxic irradiation of brain tumors.},
  author={David A. Larson and Philip H. Gutin and Steven A. Leibel and Theodore L. Phillips and P K Sneed and William M. Wara},
  volume={65 3 Suppl},
Stereotaxic techniques may be used in combination with interstitial or external beam radiotherapy for the treatment of intracranial malignancies. At the University of California, San Francisco, temporary, high-activity, iodine 125 sources are used mainly for the treatment of malignant gliomas. Patients with unifocal lesions that are smaller than 5 to 6 cm have discrete margins on computed tomography (CT) limited to supratentorial regions are selected for stereotaxic implantation. Both primary… CONTINUE READING


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