Stereotactic body radiosurgery for pelvic relapse of gynecologic malignancies.

  title={Stereotactic body radiosurgery for pelvic relapse of gynecologic malignancies.},
  author={Charles A. Kunos and William Yawei Chen and Robert L. Debernardo and Steven Waggoner and James Brindle and Yuxia Zhang and Jordanna Williams and Douglas B Einstein},
  journal={Technology in cancer research & treatment},
  volume={8 5},
Clinical management of pelvic relapses from gynecologic malignancies remains challenging. Bulky pelvic relapses often lead to symptomatic cancer-related complications and poor clinical outcomes. Options may be limited by prior surgical, chemotherapeutic, and radiation treatment. Stereotactic body radiosurgery is a novel treatment modality which allows high radiation dose delivery in a non-coplanar fashion with sub-millimeter precision utilizing a linear accelerator mounted on a robotic arm… CONTINUE READING

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