Stereospecificity of sodium borohydride reduction of pig kidney dopa decarboxylase.


Sodium boro[3H]hydride reduction of pig kidney 3,4 dihydroxyphenylalanine decarboxylase followed by complete hydrolysis of the enzyme produced epsilon-[3H]pyridoxyllysine. Degradation of this material to 4'-[3H]pyridoxamine and stereochemical analysis with apoaspartate aminotransferase showed that the re side at C-4' of the coenzyme is exposed to solvent. In order to determine the face exposed to the solvent in the external Schiff's base, attempts to trap reaction intermediates were made by reduction with sodium boro [3H]hydride of the holoenzyme in the presence of various substrates or substrate analogs. In all cases, covalently bound radioactive material was found which was identified as epsilon-N-pyridoxyllysine. These results suggest that the internal Schiff's base is in mobile equilibrium with the external Schiff's base and that sodium borohydride reduction displaces this equilibrium, resulting in complete reduction of the internal Schiff's base.

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