Stereospecific Biotransformation of ( ± ) Phenylethyl Propionate by Cell Cultures of Peganum harmala

  title={Stereospecific Biotransformation of ( ± ) Phenylethyl Propionate by Cell Cultures of Peganum harmala},
  author={Gholamreza Asghari and George Brian Lockwood},
The enzymatic potential of the cultured plant cells can be employed for bioconversion purposes. Plant enzymes are able to catalyze regioand stereo-specific reactions, and therefore can be applied for the production of desired substances. The biotransformation of foreign substrates with suspension cells of Peganum harmala was tested with (±) phenylethyl propionate. The callus cultures of Peganum harmala were established from cotyledons, and healthy suspensions grown using Murashige and Skoog… CONTINUE READING
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